At ERDA we offer ballet, tap, commercial, acro and modern and jazz classes.

We encourage new students to come for a free trial session before signing up for the term. Class prices start at £4.40 per week with discounts for attending multiple styles and for siblings.

Emily will happily find the right class for you today!

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Graded ballet, modern & tap

In these classes, children will follow the accredited ISTD syllabus in order to work towards their relevant graded examination certificate. Classes will combine free work and exam work initially to build up children’s strength and technique whilst maintaining enjoyment and nurturing a love of dance.

Graded classes start from age 3.


These classes will help improve the children’s strength and flexibility in a style similar to gymnastics. Children will work towards medals which combine goals from The British Gymnastics Syllabus and Acrobatic Arts. Once they have learnt a variety of tumbles they then learn to incorporate them into dance sequences.


Our fun, commercial classes aim to help dancers work on their own improvisation and performance. These are non-graded classes, using chart music to enhance the children’s enjoyment of dance whilst still building their fitness.

Commercial is combined with modern for under 8s, then as standalone classes for 8+ (midi) and seniors (13+)

This is a good style to choose if you are starting dance as a beginner at secondary school age.

Performance Opportunities

In addition to our weekly classes, all children at our academy will have the chance to perform in our bi-annual show.

Dancers who attend at least 3 classes a week and have a desire to take dance more seriously are also invited to be part of our successful competition team performing at regional dance festival events.

Some of our previous dance students have successfully pursued a career in dance, now training full time at well renowned colleges such as Addict and ESPA.








Grade 1 Modern/Freestyle

Studio Fonteyn @ 4.15pm

Stage 3 Acro

Studio Astaire @ 4.30pm

Primary Tap

Studio Astaire @ 4.45pm

Grade 1 Tap

Studio Fonteyn @ 5.15pm

Grade 2 Tap

Studio Astaire @ 5.15pm

Grade 2 Modern

Studio Fonteyn @ 5.45pm

Grade 3 Tap

Studio Astaire @ 5.45pm

Grade 4 Modern

Studio Fonteyn @ 6.30pm

Grade 3 Modern A

Studio Astaire @ 6.30pm

Grade 5 Modern

Studio Fonteyn @ 7.15pm

Intermediate Ballet

Studio Astaire @ 7.15pm


Studio Fonteyn @ 8.15pm

Stage 2 Acro

Studio Fonteyn @ 5.00pm

Midi Commercial

Studio Astaire @ 4.45pm

Grade 2 Ballet

Studio Fonteyn @ 5.30pm

Stage 4 Acro

Studio Astaire @ 5.30pm

Senior Commercial

Studio Fonteyn @ 6.15pm

Grade 3 Modern B

Studio Astaire @ 6.15pm

Stage 5 Acro

Studio Fonteyn @ 7.00pm

Grade 6/Inter Tap

Studio Astaire @ 7.00pm

Stage 6 Acro

Studio Astaire @ 7.45pm

No Classes Today

No Classes Today

Pre-primary Ballet A

Studio Fonteyn @ 4.30pm

Beginner's Ballet A

Studio Astaire @ 4.30pm

Primary Ballet B

Studio Fonteyn @ 5.00pm

Primary Ballet A

Studio Astaire @ 5.00pm

Grade 3 Ballet A

Studio Fonteyn @ 5.45pm

Grade 1 Ballet

Studio Astaire @ 5.45pm

Grade 3 Ballet B

Studio Fonteyn @ 6.30pm

Grade 6 Modern

Studio Astaire @ 6.30pm

Grade 6 Ballet

Studio Fonteyn @ 7.15pm

Grade 5 Ballet

Studio Astaire @ 7.15pm

Stage 1 Acro

Studio Fonteyn @ 9.00am

Primary Modern

Studio Astaire @ 9.00am

Stage 3 Acro

Studio Fonteyn @ 9.30am

Beginner's Ballet B

Studio Astaire @ 9.30am

Pre-primary Ballet B

Studio Astaire @ 10.00am

Intermediate Modern

Studio Fonteyn @ 10.30am

Advanced 1 Tap

Studio Fonteyn @ 11.30am